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Door, Gate & Turnstile Control

Time & Attendance solutions provides employers with the ability to collect and analyse staff attendance, absence data and also schedule staff efficiently. Payroll costs are usually the largest single company operating expense and maintaining cost control of this element is crucial to profitability.

Improving security using Access Control allows organisations to safeguard property, staff, members of the public and intellectual property. Restricting access to sites, buildings and internal areas using identification credentials such as cards/fobs/biometric fingerprint improves privacy, prevents theft, staff assaults and improves site safety.

Electro-mechanical time recorders are still popular with smaller organisations. Clocks may have either an analogue or digital display, use a weekly or monthly card. Some units allow for basic hours computation and overtime marking.


Where it is important to have the time displayed around a premises for staff or for the public we offer Synchronized clocks in either anlaogue or digital clock format.


Welcome to Zenith Workforce Solutions Ltd web site that outlines the services and products that we offer. Our staff have been delivering workforce solutions for 24 years and our mission is to offer expert advice in the fields of Workforce Management and Access Control. We deliver capable, cost effective and long lasting solutions that assist our clients in fulfilling their business objectives.    


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Improving product and service profitability, identifying loss making lines or determining billing values requires accurate and prompt measurement of labour resources used.  


By using auto-ID shop floor data collection processes organisations can determine employee labour hours associated with tasks and cost accordindly.

Job Costing &

Department Allocation

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